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Showcasing Pencil Boards, the epitome of artistic skateboarding! Originating from California, Pencil Boards is a brand cultivated by skateboard enthusiasts with a deep passion for the arts. They firmly believe that skateboarding transcends being a mere mode of transportation – it’s a lifestyle, a unique way of experiencing life.

PopSockets, a leading brand of phone accessories, has been working with FlipSide to expand their business into new markets. As a result of our collaboration, PopSockets has successfully launched in several new countries and experienced significant growth in international sales.

Venturing into new markets posed a set of unique challenges for Pencil Boards, particularly in navigating the labyrinth of import and export regulations. FlipSide International, with its extensive expertise in international trade and logistics, played a pivotal role in refining their supply chain processes, guaranteeing seamless delivery of their artistic skateboards to a global audience.

We also offered tailored strategic advice on marketing and sales, enabling Pencil Boards to adapt their strategies to the nuances of each target market. Our comprehensive understanding of regional consumer preferences and market dynamics has allowed Pencil Boards to fine-tune their offerings and elevate their brand presence.

The synergy between Pencil Boards and FlipSide International has yielded remarkable results, marked by significant revenue enhancement and a stronger global brand footprint. We remain committed to fostering their continued growth and celebrating their successes in the international skateboarding community.

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